Errol Dunlap

Errol Dunlap (photos: is a portrait and beauty photographer—collaborates with his clients to achieve their best shot.

He believes that "photography is still the glue that connects us—presently and throughout time."

Errol has secured print and digital collaborations with individuals and brands around the world, including Procter & Gamble, General Motors, The President of the United States of America (#44), Heineken––to name a few. In addition to his ever-growing photography experience, Errol’s passions include web development and podcast production.

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Errol Dunlap
Full Stack Web Developer, New York City, NY, 10001 •

Owner/Developer of 7sixty3 media, LLC -

WebMD, New York City — Front-end Developer March 2015 - PRESENT
* Develop new responsive user-facing features with JSP as a backend resource
* Implement and provide critical feedback on the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
* Update and collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
* Write JSP pages to supply proper data and content structure
* Lead on re-styling and making responsive Medscape core and legacy pages
* Develop highly visual product pages from design to fully functionality using JSP/HTML/JAVASCRIPT/CSS

Uniqlo, New York City — Front-end Developer December 2013 - March 2015
* Worked with Japan team to implement new product/e-commerce pages for Uniqlo, USA
* Completed management of the Uniqlo, USA homepage, saving valuable seconds of page-load time
* Developed, maintain and improve responsive current/new consumer facing e-commerce standard and third-party pages and applications
* Liaison between New York office and global development team (NTT)
* Highly trafficked e-commerce pages and sites using PHP w/AWS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Scene7, and AEM

NBCUniversal, Inc., New York City — Front-end Developer March 2013 - September 2013
* Built Mobile Web and Desktop Photogallery using custom jQuery/Javascript objects ( Used by the 10 Major News Markets )
* Worked with the Omniture scode and Adobe team to fix video tracking issues
* Built Social Media Landing page ( Used by the 10 Major News Markets )

Coach, New York City — Front-end Developer November 2012 - March 2013
* Developed new weekly front-end features on the websites (NYC, Japan)
* Programmed new internal tools to assist with new content updates and delivery, Chicago — Web Applications Developer October 2007 - April 2012
* Instrumental in the development and support of the Research pages
* Multimedia developer (Photos (built gallery object), Videos (BrightCove) & 360 Spins)
* Developed new in-house Consumer Reviews page and data objects
* Developed and maintain PHP-based secure-Flickr API script used for editorial and autoshow usages

EDUCATION (McNair Scholar)
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign — ​Communications August 1998 - December 2004

NodeJS, Gulp, Webpack, React, MongoDB, Apache/Nginx, Varnish, NPM/Composer, MySQL, Custom WordPress, GIT, ES6, CSS3, Sass

Portrait photography, movies, new technologies, food, podcasting

Sans Radio is a audio podcast production service I started a couple of years ago through my web company, 7sixty3. This service offers:
  • Recording
  • Music Selection
  • Editing
  • Website
  • Submission
  • Photography
  • and more!
Updated website coming soon.